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The 2011 version of Canes Venatici can be downloaded free from here! Just right-click on the link below and put it on your iPod or whatever!

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Free downloads of the original Radio 1, Tommy Vance, Friday Night Rock Show session recordings from 1984. These tracks have never been available before -

Right-click on the following tags to download and save the tracks -

Seven Light Years - Between Worlds - Never Reach The Stars

Ancient recordings have been unearthed from the end of the last century of an event called 'The Peaceful Green Fair' which seems to have an early incarnation of Underground Zer performing with a strange humanoid called a 'Nik Turner'... whatever that is.
Hear and download them HERE.

We're finally getting the new DVD sorted out and we'll be putting clips from it on the Demos page and on YouTube as they become available. Who knows... we may end up putting it all on here in the end!

POWERPLAY is now downloadable from iTunes!

Powerplay is also available now online for the reduced price of 8.00 inc P&P!

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Or from CDBaby.

Old News...

We now have our own entry In Wikipedia! - HERE

September 2005 - Ha! We are an official academic reference now! Look at this -

And this -

Unofficial CD on sale!

The 'CD Never Reach The Stars +', which is being sold by Black Rose, is a bit of a mystery. The cover artwork is very good but we not sure where the masters - if any - came from. They are the early versions of the songs as they were before we re mastered them for 'Powerplay'. It's possible that Cherry Red sold them to Black Rose. We are looking into it. If you'd like one they can be bought from several sources including Ebay from time to time.

MP3 demos from Powerplay have now been added to the Demos page.

April 2005 - Underground Zero played a secret private gig. First performance in eleven years!