'Enough For One Man' recorded live at the Sonic Rock Solstice, 2011.
Paul's lead guitar part to the, as yet, unreleased track 'Take the Cup'.
An ancient recording of us way back in 1986!
Part 2 of the 1986 recording.
A Tour of Paul's guitar collection.
A Tour of Sean's drumkit.
Canes Venatici - The video of our recording session during the strange weekend in Norfolk!
Never Reach the Stars - Live at Onboard the Craft 2010 - filmed from the audience... not the greatest quality but what the hell...

A clip from a strange weekend in darkest Norfolk.

This is Sean setting up and testing his now infamous drumkit.

We'll be releasing other clips here as they become available - in fact we may do this all online rather than on DVD... who knows...

Paul's crazy guitar collection.

The first person who can name them all gets a free CD!

This was made during the same weekend in Norfolk as the video of Sean's drumkit.

More to come...

The full-length Forlorn and Lethal video.

Seven Light Years - also live at the Onboard the Craft 2010


The following audio demos are taken from the new 'Powerplay' CD.

They are roughly one minute clips in MP3 format running at 96Kbps (for the techies) which means they may take a while to play over a dial-up but should work fine over broadband. The quality is obviously not as good as direct from the CD!

Click on the faces to hear the demos.

You can buy Powerplay online now for £8.00 inc P&P.
(UK only. For international postage rates please .)

Demo 1. Seven Light Years. Vocals by Judi.
Demo 2. Seven Light Years. Featuring part of a guitar lead by Karl Dawson.
Demo 3. Seven Light Years. Featuring part of a keyboard lead by Adrian Rix.
Demo 4. Robot. Vocals by Judi and guitar lead by Karl Dawson.
Demo 5. Robot. Keyboard lead by Adrian.
Demo 6. Forlorn & Lethal. Vocals - Judi, guitar lead - Karl.
Demo 7. Forlorn & Lethal. Guitar lead by Paul Holden.
Demo 8. Between Worlds. All of us!
Demo 9. The Elite. Everyone in the building on vocals!
Demo 10. Never Reach the Stars. Vocals - Judi, guitar lead- Karl.
Demo 11. Never Reach the Stars. Keyboard lead by Adrian.
Demo 12. Rainbow Warrior. Breakdown.
Demo 13. Aimless Flight. Vocals - Andrew and Judi. Guitar lead- Karl.
Demo 14. Atomhenge.
Demo 15. Genocide. Vocals - Judi. Guitar lead - Paul.